Toys For Passionate Women from

The Broken Road Cafe (The Broken Road Cafe #1)

Estimated Page Count: 124 pages.
Estimated Reading Time: 119 minutes.

What happens when you get everything you’ve worked for, only to discover it’s not what you really want?

Dan O’Leary worked night and day to finish law school, join a top firm, and make partner all before the age of thirty-five. He’s found a man who swept him off his feet, and his best friend of twenty years has his back.

His growing discontent with his job has Dan considering a change, but a series of betrayals, professional and personal, lead Dan to reconsider his whole life.

Making a fresh start, Dan meets the people of Blue Ridge, Georgia, including Chief of Police Nick Oliver, and, perhaps, finds a new home. But danger from his old life follows him and puts not only his life, but that of his new friends, at risk. ….read more

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