Toys For Passionate Women from

Sold for Sex

Estimated Page Count: 42 pages.
Estimated Reading Time: 37 minutes.

British Bondage

After years of working for uncle at his BDSM club as an accountant, Holly is fed up. She wants to be free of his controlling influence but she has nothing. No money, no friends…no one she can turn to.

But when a client turns up with a very specific request, it turns out that Holly is the only one who can fulfil it. This rich client wants an anal virgin…

Is Holly prepared to give up her anal cherry in return for a shot at freedom? And will she please the sexy man who wants to dominate her?

When Holly meets the gorgeous Daniel for the first time, she begins to wonder if she won’t want more from the man who wants to break her in…but will he want her for more than just her cherry?

Sold for Sex contains anal sex, oral sex, whipping, submission and bondage.

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